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We are the fastest Telegram growth service on the market. And, your new Telegram members are real humans.

No-Drop For 7 Days

The bot will replace all leaving members for seven days.

Safe with Telegram TOS

Our unique method of growth keeps you safe from Telegram’s terms of service thereby eliminating the risk of getting banned or locked.

Crypto-Related Members

Thousands of cryptocurrency users will be attracted to your channel with this new kind of Telegram member bot.

100% Real Members. No Bots, No Fakes.

Our Telegram member bot brings together real people who join your Telegram channels on their own. Members are not scraped or stolen from other groups and we certainly dont send bots or fake members.

Get Free Members by Joining Other Channels

Join Telegram channels sponsored by other advertisers to earn coins and use them to get Telegram members for free.

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How it works?

Our army of real humans will join your Telegram channels, groups, or bots. Those who stay longer than 10 days will receive cryptocurrency rewards.
ClickBee™ can help you get more Telegram members than you ever thought possible, without buying fake followers and using any illicit methods.

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Three Simple Steps To Grow Your Telegram Channel...

Step-by-step guide
  • 1

    Connect Channels or Groups

    To get started, send @ClickBeeBot the link to your public channel or group.

  • 2

    Set Cool Description

    Set a description for your ad campaign. This will be shown to users.

  • 2

    Add Budget, Sit Back & Relax!

    You can decide how much you want to pay per member. Paying more will get your ad displayed in front of others. Members will start joininhg your channel immediately after payment is successful.

Common Questions

Our Telegram bot lets you earn cryptocurrency to join Telegram channels. Connect your channel to the bot and get real members instantly.

Cost per member is around $0.012. This amount is shared with anyone who joins your channel and stays for at least seven days. You must deposit cryptocurrency in your account to start promoting.

Go to ClickBee Telegram bot, press "My Ads" button and press "Create new ad". Make sure to to-pup your account with cryptocurrency before creating the ad campaign.

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